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      stretchers and other. Our equipment includes pcs 2008-12-30
      million pcs. Our equipment includes pcs 2008-12-30
      With sound administration, production structure 2008-12-30
      with annual output of 3.5 million pcs and precise annual 2008-12-30
      Since its establishment in 1996 Since 2008-12-30
      Upholding the business tenet newfine 2008-12-30
      Copyright © 2008 Zhangzhou Newfine Metal Work Manship Co.,LTD. All Rights Reserved. ICP.12019094Ì–
      Tel£º0592-3905880 0596-6864931 0596-6864932¡¡Mob£º15750799618¡¡E-mail£ºcn-xjg@vip.163.com
      Add£ºThe Fourth Road,Longchi development District,Zhangzhou City,Fujian Province, China